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KIDS SOLUTIONS provides its students a calming environment of warming acceptance.  The staff offers students an opportunity to develop self confidence and self worth while developing skills and learning experiences.  The attention is individualized, although social skills are offered in small groups no larger than six.  All levels of students with learning challenges can benefit from the nurturing and supplemental reading, math, social skills and instruction at KIDS SOLUTIONS.

Kids Solutions, LLC, Tutoring, Tyler, TX

SUMMER SERVICES - Kids Solutions will be providing summer tutoring and social skills classes for the following age groups: kindergarten - 5th, middle school and high school. Please call for more details.

GETTING STARTED - To begin the process of assisting children, KIDS SOLUTIONS starts first with assessment of reading and vocabulary skills, a learning style assessment, and an Irlen Screening. A consultation then takes place with the parents to discuss the results and to jointly develop a customized learning plan for your child.

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